The area covered by the Glenferrie Oval, Grace Park and L.E. Bray Reserve Concept Master Plan is large and diverse. The master plan, adopted by Council in 2009, seeks to address the complex issues relating to the mix of spaces, facilities and uses in this area.

Key aims

The master plan aims to develop and maintain a vibrant community space that promotes health and fitness, arts and culture, and sport and recreation opportunities for the whole community.

Key objectives of the master plan are to:

  • enhance and protect the heritage character of Grace Park
  • maintain L.E. Bray Reserve and Grace Park as an open space, and corridor for pedestrians and cyclists
  • use Glenferrie Oval and the Tuck Stand for beginner level sport, community and cultural activities
  • create an open space link between Glenferrie Oval and Grace Park
  • enhance the access for pedestrians and cyclists
  • incorporate sustainable measures, including water sensitive urban design
  • respect the history of the precinct.


The master plan is being progressively implemented with many significant recommendations complete, including:

  • redevelopment of the Hawthorn Aquatic and Leisure Centre, the Linda Crescent carpark and Grace Street
  • upgrades to the Glenferrie Oval pedestrian underpass
  • path and landscaping works around the tennis courts
  • shared paths along Hilda Crescent and through the Linda Crescent carpark
  • demolition of the former caretaker's cottage
  • renewal of both the Grace Park and L.E. Bray Reserve playgrounds
  • development of a sustainable water strategy, and the installation of a raingarden in Grace Park to collect, treat and reuse stormwater for watering.

The final initiative to be completed is the Glenferrie Oval and Tuck Stand refurbishment. These works are due for completion in 2026. 

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Concept Master Plan Sheet 1

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