Grace Park raingarden

Grace Park raingarden

Installed in 2016, the Grace Park raingarden is part of the Glenferrie Water Management Plan to provide a more secure and sustainable water source for the popular recreation precinct. The raingarden is part of the Glenferrie Oval, Grace Park and L.E. Bray Reserve Concept Masterplan.

The raingarden collects stormwater directly from the Hawthorn main drain. This water is then treated - cleaned - through bio-filtration for reuse.

Once the stormwater is treated in the raingarden, it is stored in a 200-kilolitre underground tank before being used for watering at Glenferrie Oval and Grace Park.

The water storage is also connected to a water truck refill point in Power Street to allow water to be transported to other public spaces in the City of Boroondara for irrigation. Any surplus treated water is returned to the broader river system through the main drain.

The raingarden was a partnership project between the City of Boroondara, Melbourne Water and the Victorian Government.

Community benefits

Benefits of the Grace Park raingarden include:

  • an estimated saving of 10 megalitres of drinking water each year (over 8 Olympic-size swimming pools) for the first stage
  • a system that won't be subject to mains water price increases
  • greener parks, ovals and streetscapes during dry times and possible future water restrictions
  • a reduction of 6,366 kilograms per year of pollutants to our waterways
  • a landscape that is better able to cope with drought and heatwaves, as well as having greater biodiversity, habitat and landscape cooling ability (to mitigate urban heat island effect where temperatures are higher in urban areas, often by several degrees, compared to the surrounding rural countryside)
  • an enhanced park experience through the creation of an attractive planted raingarden
  • education opportunities on sustainable water management.

For more information contact our landscape and design team on (03) 9278 4060 or email [email protected].

Download Grace Park raingarden concept design

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