Some of our services are closed or have different hours on the public holiday before the AFL Grand Final – Fri 29 Sept 2023

We offer a range of grants to help our community implement projects, run events or provide services to the City. 

Climate Action GrantsUp to $10,000 for climate action projects15 May 202311 June 2023
Small GrantsUp to $3,000 for small, new and one-off projects20 February 202319 March 2023
Annual Community Strengthening GrantUp to $10,000 for community events and equipment24 April 202329 May 2023
Triennial Operational GrantUp to $15,000 and $80,000 for services, celebrations and events10 October 202228 November 2022

The following grants can be applied for all year round:

  • Individual Participation Grants
  • Individual Achievement Grants
  • Community Arts Venue Grants

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