Household waste bin (dark green or red lid)

Collected every 2 weeks on  

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Find out what goes in the household waste bin.

FOGO bin (lime green lid)

Collected every week on  

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Find out what goes in the FOGO bin.

Recycling bin (yellow lid)

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Find out what goes in the recycling bin.

Find out what items can't be put in any bin.

Download your area's collection calendar

Your property is located in Area  . Download the collection calendar below for all your fortnightly household waste collection dates.

The dates highlighted in green show the fortnights when your bin will be collected.

Area A waste collection calendar  

99.8 KB (PDF) 1 April 2024

Area B waste collection calendar  

108 KB (PDF) 1 April 2024

Public holidays

Bins are collected as usual on all public holidays, except Christmas Day, New Year's Day and Good Friday. 

Look up your address to find the alternative collection dates for these public holidays.

Collection times

Bin collections start from 5 am on main roads and from 6 am in residential streets.

How to put your bin out

Put your bin out the night before your collection day, making sure it is:

  • on the nature strip
  • close to your driveway
  • clear of all obstacles, such as trees, poles and parked cars
  • facing the street with the bin handle toward your property.

Missed collections

If your bin is not emptied on your collection day, let us know within 2 business days. You can report this using our Report a bin problem form

More information

Find out how to book a hard waste collection

For more information contact us on (03) 9278 4444 or email [email protected]

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