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Project status

The design for the pavilion is finalised and the building contract was awarded in December 2023.

The contractor will set up the site in March 2024 and begin construction work shortly after. We expect renewal works to be completed in mid 2025. 

During construction

The renewal works to the existing pavilion building will happen over 2 stages.

Stage 1 involves building the new extension. During this stage: 

  • the public toilet in the pavilion will be closed – you can find the closest public toilet using the map on the National Public Toilet Map website.   
  • sports clubs will continue to use the existing pavilion building 
  • the oval can still be accessed from the Guildford Road entrance.   

Stage 2 involves refurbishing the existing pavilion building. During this stage: 

  • the new public toilet will be open and available to use 
  • sports clubs will use the new pavilion extension  
  • the entrance in front of the pavilion on Guildford Road will be closed, but the sportsground will be open and can be accessed from the entrances on Chatham Road, Croydon Road and further down Guildford Road. 

There will be no impact to car parking throughout the project. 

Community consultation

In April and May 2023, we asked our community and local sporting clubs for feedback on a draft design for the pavilion. We received mixed support from 24 community members who provided feedback.

You can find out what our community told us, how their feedback shaped the final design, and view the final design on our Canterbury Sports Ground pavilion upgrade consultation page.

About the project

We are upgrading the Canterbury Sports Ground pavilion to create a better experience for the community and local sports clubs, including:

  • Canterbury Cricket Club
  • Canterbury Football Club
  • Canterbury Junior Football Club.

Upgrades to the existing pavilion include:

  • a modern design to update the building’s look and feel
  • new facilities to support the groups who use the pavilion, such a first aid room
  • ramps for wheelchairs, prams and other mobility devices
  • renewed pathways and better connections between the pavilion and key features of the park
  • more inclusive changerooms and bathrooms, including adding cubicles.

These changerooms will have better facilities for women and are part of our efforts to support female sports teams and encourage female sports participation.

The upgrades are in line with our Development and Funding of Community Pavilions – Sport and Recreation Policy and our Boroondara Community Plan 2021–2031

Council has an allocated project budget of $2.85 million over the 2022/23 to 2024/25 financial years. Canterbury Cricket Club was successful in securing a $1.25 million grant from Sport and Recreation Victoria to support the renewal works.

The final design

In response to community feedback, we updated the design by:

  • adding more native vegetation with a new landscaped area (grassy swale drain) along the Chatham Road entrance
  • retaining the existing drinking tap
  • adding a new pathway with landscaping, connecting Chatham Road to the pavilion. 

The updated design still features:

  • 4 inclusive change rooms with amenities (2 new change rooms plus refurbishing the 2 existing change rooms)
  • elevating the existing building by 42 cm to make it level with the sports ground, improving drainage and sight-line to the oval
  • 2 new umpire rooms
  • a first aid room to allow for better injury management on site
  • a sheltered spectator decking area connecting to the multipurpose room
  • ramps for better accessibility and wheelchair access
  • improvements to the external building façade
  • improvements to the kitchen and kiosk areas
  • increased storage spaces
  • upgraded external lighting for improved safety during night use of the pavilion and pavilion surrounds.

As part of our design we will:

  • use recycled brick cladding for the pavilion
  • extend the pavilion on the southern end
  • landscape the entry way
  • create a ramp to create better access from the change rooms to the multipurpose room and kitchen
  • create a new maintenance pathway for oval access
  • add a new concrete path to connect the western side of the pavilion to car park.

We have carefully considered the design of the upgraded pavilion to make sure it:

  • supports our sustainability efforts
  • increases accessibility
  • does not impact views of nearby residents
  • does not require tree removal
  • is a welcoming and useful place for the community.


WhenStageProgress update
Mid 2025Construction completedNot started
March 2024Construction startsNot started
Late 2023Award building contractThe building contract was awarded
November 2023Finalise designWe created and published a final design in response to feedback gathered during consultation
April to May 2023ConsultationWe consulted with the community and local sports clubs on the draft design.
Early 2023Concept planningWe consulted with local sports clubs and developed a draft design.

More information

To receive updates about this project, visit our Canterbury Sports Ground pavilion upgrade consultation page and select 'Follow' at the top of the page.

For more information about construction, contact our Sport and Recreation team on (03) 9278 4444 or [email protected].

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