Boroondara is home to unique neighbourhoods, heritage buildings, shopping precincts and green spaces treasured by our community. Placemaking recognises the uniqueness of such places and uses short and long-term interventions to build on their existing qualities.

We are embarking on a new way of improving our public places in Boroondara. This approach is called placemaking, and it’s all about creating places for people to stay, play and belong. Through placemaking, we want to:

  • improve social interaction
  • create thriving local economies
  • contribute positively to the environment
  • enhance our community’s quality of life.

We know that local communities make public places vibrant. People who live, work and regularly spend time in a place have a connection to that particular place. 

We will work collaboratively with the community to co-design places that are vibrant and memorable, places where people feel a sense of belonging. Placemaking recognises our community as the champions, whose contribution and ownership are essential in the process.

What is placemaking?

Learn about placemaking and what it means for Boroondara.

Placemaking examples

Inspire new ideas with previous placemaking examples.

Our approach

Read about the steps involved in placemaking.


Discover our vision and guiding principles for creating vibrant and inclusive local places. 

Camberwell Junction

Have your say in our placemaking project to revitalise Camberwell Junction.

Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn

A placemaking project to revitalise the Glenferrie Precinct in Hawthorn is currently underway.

Maling Road, Canterbury

Maling Road has been identified as one of the first focus precincts for placemaking in Boroondara.

More information

For more information, contact the Placemaking team at [email protected].