If you or a small group of people would like to busk on Council-controlled land (park, footpath, nature strip, public car park or road) to raise funds for personal gain or charity donation, you need to apply for a Busking Permit. If you don't have a permit, you may receive a fine.

Busking activities include:

  • playing a musical instrument and/or singing
  • conjuring or performing magic
  • juggling
  • miming
  • dancing
  • performing puppetry
  • performance art
  • recitations
  • other appropriate theatrical or visual performance.

How to apply

You need to submit your application at least 10 business days before the date you want to busk.

If your request involves more than one Council department or a non-Council authority, your application may require additional time to process. If you’re unsure and would like advice before lodging your application, please call the Local Laws team on (03) 9278 4444.

Apply for a busking permit

We'll assess your application and email the permit if it is successful. We'll contact you if we need more information.

You don't need to pay for a busking permit.

Please note the following:

  • If you wish to busk outside a business, you need to provide with your application written permission from the business stating their approval.
  • If you are busking to raise funds for a charity, you need to provide details of the charity. You can also request to use a sign that indicates the name of the charity and how much (what percentage) you will donate, as long as the sign doesn't block pedestrians or cars.
  • If you are under 18 you must have adult supervision, and this adult must provide their name, contact number and complete the relevant section of the application form.
  • To increase your chances of receiving a permit, we recommend you provide more than 1 location and date in your application (in order of preference), and provide all the relevant documentation.

Busking guidelines and conditions

  1. The use of amplifiers is not permitted.
  2. Children under 18 years must have Council-approved adult supervision.
  3. You are not allowed to advertise or be associated with any kind of advertising, for example, no flyers can be handed out and products cannot be sold.
  4. You can't actively ask people for money.
  5. You can only perform on the dates, times and locations listed on your permit.
  6. You can't harass pedestrians or be a nuisance.
  7. You can't obstruct pedestrians or cars or block entrances to shops and buildings.
  8. You can't use any street furniture without permission.
  9. If you're performing in front of a business, you must get their approval.
  10. You must comply with any direction by police officers or Council officers.
  11. Council reserves the right to cancel your permit at any time and for any reason.

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