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Rates notices are sent out in August every year. You can find out more about what your rates go toward in our What your rates pay for page.

If you’ve lost your rates notice, you can request a new copy by emailing [email protected] with the following details:

  • your property address
  • your full name
  • the company name (if your property is registered to a company), and supporting documents such as a certificate of title (if you are not the recorded property owner), or proof that you are a company director (if the property is registered to a company).

Payment dates for each payment option

There are four payment options, as described on your rates notice. You can pay your rates by any of the following options.

Payment optionsDescription and amountDue dates 2023 to 2024
Option 1

Payment in full – with a 2% discount.

Discount is on the Council rates and charges part of your total bill.

31 August 2023
Option 2Payment in full15 February 2024
Option 3

Payment in 4 instalments.

If the first payment is not received by the first due date, then the balance of the account will be due by 15 February 2024.

30 September 2023

30 November 2023

29 February 2024

31 May 2024

Option 4

Payment in 10-month instalments by direct debit.

Details are available in our Direct debit section on this page. Ensure you have submitted the application form or any updates by 22 August 2023, in time for the first payment.

Recurring payments on the last day of each month for a total of 10 months.

First payment on 31 August 2023

Last payment on 31 May 2024

How to pay

There are many easy ways to pay your rates notice. If you are a pensioner, check if you are entitled to a rebate in our Pension concession rebates section below.

Direct debit

Have your rates paid automatically from your nominated cheque or savings account on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. This is available for payment options 2 to 4 in the Payment dates for each payment option table on this page. Credit cards are not accepted.

Set up direct debit for the first time

Apply to set up direct debit

You can also print and complete our Direct debit application form - Rates from the Downloads section on this page.

Download our Direct debit application form - Rates

Continue to use direct debit

You don’t need to complete the direct debit form again. The same payment details will automatically be applied.

Change or cancel your direct debit arrangement

You need to tell us in writing. Either email [email protected] your request, or mail a letter to City of Boroondara, Private Bag 1,Camberwell VIC 3124.

Online payment

Secure, online payments can be made as long as you have the unique reference number that appears on your rates notice.

Pay your rates online

Please note: Credit card surcharges apply. Find out more on our Pay page.

BPAY (telephone and internet banking)

Pay using the Biller Code and your unique reference number on your rates notice. Make payments from your credit card, savings or cheque account.

You can also send your next rates notice to your online bank account by registering via the ‘BPAY View’ or ‘View Bills’ section in your account.

Our telephone bill payment service

Call us on 1300 722 151 and follow the prompts to make secure payments.

Please note: Credit card surcharges apply. Find out more on our Pay page.

Australia Post 

Pay in store at an Australia Post Office. You can pay in cash, by EFTPOS or by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Amex).

Ensure cheques are made payable to 'City of Boroondara' and crossed 'Not negotiable'.


Detach the perforated section of your rates notice and mail this to City of Boroondara with your cheque or money order made payable to ‘City of Boroondara’ and crossed ‘Not Negotiable’. The Council offices mailing address is City of Boroondara, Private Bag 1, Camberwell VIC 3124.

Please ensure you mail your payment in time for it to be received by Council, as we don’t accept postal delays as a reason for late payment. We do not issue a receipt for payments received through the mail.

In person 

Visit our customer service counter at 8 Inglesby Road, Camberwell. Opening hours are Monday to Friday, between 8 am to 5:15 pm. You can pay your rates in cash, by EFTPOS or by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Amex).

Dishonoured cheques

If your payment by cheque is dishonoured by your financial institution, you will incur a Council administration fee.

Pension concession rebates

Rebates on your rates and charges may apply if you hold a current and valid concession card, if you are a pensioner who has either:

  • a current DSS/DVA Pensioner Concession Card
  • a current DVA Gold Card specifying War Widow or TPI.

You can find eligibility information and download the applicable 'Municipal rates concession' application form on the Department of Families, Fairness and Housing website. Once you have completed the applicable 'Municipal rates concession' application form, you can email the completed form to [email protected] or submit the form in person at our offices. You can find out office hours and locations on our Contact us page.

Financial hardship

If you are experiencing financial hardship and would like to discuss special payment arrangements, call our Revenue and Property Services team on (03) 9278 4325. You may be able to defer payment of your rates, charges and Fire Services Property Levy if you meet the required criteria.

You can download the Rates and Charges Deferment and Financial Hardship Policy below.

Download Rates and Charges Deferment and Financial Hardship Policy

Update your details on a rates notice

You need to let us know if your details change, so we can update your rates notice. Changed details include:

  • change of property ownership
  • change of name
  • if an owner has passed away
  • change of address
  • change of business name.

You may need to provide supporting documentation such as a copy of title, marriage certificate or death certificate.

Update details on your rates notice

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