Check whether your works impact the structural soundness of the building

Impacting 'structural soundness' means removing or altering any element of the building which contributes to the support of any other element of the building.

The following works all impact structural soundness:

  • modifying the height of a dwelling
  • increasing or decreasing the floor area of the building
  • increasing the size of an opening, such as a doorway or window
  • replacing or underpinning the footings (a footing is a structure located in the ground that supports the house above)
  • removing or altering roof framing to install a skylight
  • performing repairs that impact a supporting element of the building, for example replacing a roof beam
  • making an internal change that affects a supporting element of the building, for example removing a loadbearing wall.

If you are unsure of whether your change impacts structural soundness, contact Building Services.

Reminder: If you are carrying out any alterations to a verandah, refer to the Build a verandah guide.

Will your works involve removing or altering any structural elements of the building?