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Check if the building height or storey count prohibits your project

In a General Residential, Residential Growth or Neighbourhood Residential Zone there are limits on the maximum height or number of storeys you may construct.

Look at the following table to see the mandatory height and storey limits.

Zone Schedule number Maximum height Maximum number of storeys  
Residential Growth Zone RGZ1 13.5m No maximum  
General Residential Zone GRZ1 9m 3 storeys  
GRZ2 10.5m  
GRZ3 10.5m  
GRZ4 11m  
GRZ5 11m  
Neighbourhood Residential Zone NZR3 9m on a non-sloping site.
10m on a sloping site*
2 storeys  

*A slope is where the angle of the natural ground level, measured at any cross section of the site of the building wider than 8 metres, is greater than 2.5 degrees.

Does your design exceed the maximum building height or storey count for your zone?