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Check if the works are an internal rearrangement or normal repairs

Refer to your plans to see whether your project could be considered one of the following:

  • An internal rearrangement. You plan to make changes to the interior only. You will not increase the gross floor area, building size or number of dwellings.
  • Domestic services normal to a dwelling. You are installing an appliance or apparatus that is normal to and services a dwelling. For example, access ramps, handrails, air conditioning, hot water services, security systems, shade sails, a barbecue, downpipes or flues.
  • Repairs and routine maintenance. Your project is part of the regular upkeep or repair of damaged building parts. It does not involve the entire replacement of the building fabric. For example, replacing broken roof tiles is considered 'repairs and routine maintenance' but replacing the entire roof is not.

Is your project an internal rearrangement, a domestic service installation or repairs and routine maintenance?