Check if there is enough garden area for your project

An extension in a General Residential or Neighbourhood Residential Zone must meet the garden area requirement.

  1. Refer to your land title to determine the total area of your property.
  2. Refer to your plans to calculate the percentage of the property set aside as garden area.
  3. See whether the percentage set aside as garden area meets the requirement for your zone.

    For a General Residential Zone or Neighbourhood Residential Zone:
    • A property more than 650msq in area must include at least 35% garden area.
    • A property 501msq to 650msq in area must include at least 30% garden area.
    • A property 400msq to 500msq in area must include at least 25% garden area.
    • A property less than 400msq does not have a garden space requirement

Note that there are no garden space requirements for a Residential Growth Zone.

Does you design meet the minimum garden area required for your zone?