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Protecting Council assets

You need an Asset Protection Permit for building or demolition works within Boroondara.

You need a separate permit for each building site.

This protects our:

  • footpaths
  • nature strips
  • vehicle crossings
  • kerbs
  • channels
  • drains
  • roads and laneways.

Apply for a permit

Use our online form:

Apply for an Asset Protection Permit

We will process your application within 10 business days.

Application fee and bond

The amount you pay depends on the type of works, assets and potential risks.

Type of works

Application fee


Minor impact, for example:

  • carports
  • garages
  • re-stumping
  • internal works
  • fencing
  • landscaping


Minimum $3,000

Medium impact, for example:

  • demolition only
  • house extension
  • single dwellings
  • dual occupancy
  • multi-unit development up to $10m


Minimum $5,000

Major impact, for example:

  • multi-unit developments more than $10m
  • multi-storey developments
  • apartment buildings
  • works with a Construction Management Plan


Minimum $5,000

We calculate your bond once we have inspected your site.

We'll invoice you for the bond within 10 business days of your application.

Using your permit

We'll issue your Asset Protection Permit once you've paid the bond.

Your building works must start within 12 months of getting your permit, otherwise it will expire.

Once works have started, your permit is valid for 3 years.

Restoring assets

You must restore Council assets around your site to a satisfactory condition.

This includes:

  • removing rubbish, debris and building materials
  • repairing damage
  • levelling and seeding damaged nature strips.
Download our Protection of Council Assets and Control of Building Sites Local Law 2021 to find out what your responsibilities are.

To make these repairs, you will need a:

Bond refund

You must meet the conditions of your permit to get your bond back.

Only the person or company who lodged the bond can apply for the refund.

Use our online form:

Apply for a bond refund

Inspecting assets

Before we can refund your bond, we need to inspect Council assets.

If our assets are in a satisfactory condition we'll refund the bond in full to the person or company who paid.

Your refund can take up to 8 weeks from the date you apply.

Damage to assets

If there's damage to assets, we'll email you to explain which assets need to be repaired.

Using your bond for repairs

You can choose to use your bond towards repairs, organised by our team.

We will either:

  • refund you the difference from your bond (if any)
  • invoice you for extra costs.

Arranging your own repairs

You can choose to arrange repairs yourself.

You need to reapply for your bond refund when the repairs are complete.

We will do a final inspection of your site.

You can be fined if Council assets are still not repaired as required.

More information

Contact our Asset Protection Team:

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