Vacuum cleaner dust (from wooden/tiled floors only)

Vacuum cleaner dust (from carpeted floors)

Note: dust from carpets contain micro-plastics and can’t be composted.

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaner hose

Vegetables and offcuts

  • Avoid through smart shopping - plan ahead, write a list and stick to it. Store food correctly, use leftovers and keep track of your food supplies
  • Reuse by making a stock or soup
  • Recycle by feeding home chickens and pets (where appropriate)
  • Recycle by adding to your compost bin, worm farm, Bokashi bin or green cone solar composter
  • Recycle in your FOGO bin

Note: remove plastic stickers and dispose of these in your household waste bin.

VHS covers

VHS tapes

Video cassette recorders (VCR)

Video game consoles/devices

Vinyl floor covering