Tablets, digital (eg iPads)

Tape covers and casings (cassette/VHS tapes and paper insert removed)

Tapes (cassette and VHS)

Tea bags (100% natural fibres/paper)

  • Reduce waste by using loose-leaf tea and a refillable 'tea swag'
  • Recycle in your home compost bin or worm farm, compost bin, worm farm, Bokashi bin or green cone solar composter.

Note: accepted brands include Clipper, T2, Natures Cuppa, Pukka, Tielka, Eloments, Love Tea, Zoetic Infusions, Lipton Quality Black and Intense traditional tea bags only – not whole Lipton range.

Tea bags (all other brands)

  • Reduce waste by using loose-leaf tea and a refillable 'tea swag'
  • Dispose of in your household waste bin.

Note: Most tea bags cannot go in your FOGO bin as they often contain plastic and synthetic materials.

Tea (loose-leaf)

Tealight candleholders

Dispose of in your household waste bin. Tealight candleholders are too small to be recovered at the recycling facility.


Terracotta pots and items

Tetrapaks (eg soy milk, long-life milk or juice cartons)



Recycle by dropping off at Ecocycle in Cambellfield or Ringwood.


Thorny offcuts (eg rose bushes)


Timber and fencing

  • Reuse for other handy projects (example, building timber furniture) or give away
  • Reuse as firewood (untreated wood only)
  • Dispose of at the Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre (fees apply)
  • Dispose of timber (up to 12 pieces, neatly stacked, up to 1.5 metres long) by booking a hard waste collection.

Note: fencing and renovation materials are not accepted as part of the hard waste collection.


Toilet paper rolls

Toner cartridges


Toothbrushes and other oral care

Toothpaste tubes

Tools (electronic or battery-operated)


Toys (plastic, no batteries)

Toys (electronic or battery-operated)

Tree prunings

Tree roots (small – can be lifted by a single person)



Recycle in your FOGO bin.

Tyres (bicycle)

Note: It is illegal to put tyres in any household waste bins, street bins or landfill.

Tyres (car and motorbike)

Recycle at the Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre (fees apply).