Composting breaks down food and green waste to create a rich fertiliser.

It's an easy way to:

  • recycle your food scraps and green waste
  • stop food waste from going to landfill where it produces greenhouse gases
  • make fertiliser for your garden.

Order a compost bin

You can order one of the 5 composting products below through us. You'll get 50% off the retail price and free delivery.

  • Compost bin: for items like vegetable scraps, leaves and garden prunings.
  • Benchtop Bokashi bin: for food waste, including meat and dairy.
  • Worm farm: for organic waste.
  • Pet poo composter: for pet waste.
  • Green cone solar composter: for food and pet waste.

Learn more about these products and how to order one on our Compost Revolution website.

Composting and worm farming video series

Watch webinars presented by the Compost Revolution to learn about:

Watch videos presented by Maria Ciavarella from My Green Garden on the different options for composting and worm farming:

More information

Learn more about composting and food sustainability at our Living for our future events.

If you have food scraps to share or need organic waste to top up your compost, visit the Sharewaste website.

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