Ice block sticks (wooden)

Ice cream containers/lids (plastic)

Ice cream containers/ lids (waxed cardboard with plastic lining)

Inverters (power inverter)

Irons (clothes irons)

Jar lids (metal or plastic)

Jars (glass or plastic, leave lids on)

Jex pads/steel wool

Juice cartons (tetrapak, foil-lined)

Kitty litter

Note: this cannot go in your FOGO bin as it contains synthetic materials.



Lawn clippings

Lawn mowers

Leaf blowers


Leftover food

Light bulbs/tubes

Lollies (no wrappers)

Lolly wrappers (plastic or plastic with foil)

  • Soft plastics can no longer be recycled through REDcycle at Coles and Woolworths supermarkets. If you have space, hold on to your soft plastics until further updates become available. Alternatively, soft plastics can be disposed of in the kerbside waste bin or as waste at the Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre

Long-life milk or juice cartons (tetrapak, foil-lined)

Lunch boxes (plastic)