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Dairy food products

Detergent bottles (plastic)

Diesel fuel

See 'Chemicals (Household)' on our Recycling and waste guide C page.

It is illegal to put flammable items in any household or street bins. Flammable chemicals are toxic and can explode. They can cause major fires in our collection trucks and at our waste processing facilities. Please only recycle household chemicals using the above method.

Disposable face masks

See Face masks (disposable).

Disposable gloves

  • Avoid by using hand sanitiser and washing hands thoroughly instead - only as appropriate
  • Dispose of in your household waste bin.

Disposable plates (plastic, clean)

Dog poo (all pet poo)

Note: this cannot go in your FOGO bin.

Doors (metal)

Doors (timber)

Dryer lint

Dispose of in your household waste bin.


DVD covers (remove paper insert first)

DVD players

E-cigarettes (remove battery)

Eggs and shells

Egg cartons (cardboard only)

Electric scooters (mobility)

Electric toothbrush

Electrical appliances (small)

Electrical appliances (medium and large)

Electrical cords and cables

Envelopes (paper – always remove clear window first and put in waste bin)

Expanded polyethylene foam packaging (bendable foam that does not snap)

Dispose of in your household waste bin.