We develop park and sportsground concept master plans so we can appropriately address the short- and long-term interests and needs of our community. These documents create a vision and framework that guides changes over time, and helps us to allocate resources.

Once a master plan has been created, we consider each of the recommended components as part of our annual budget process, in conjunction with our Council Plan. Where appropriate, we apply for funding from external sources.

Steps in creating master plans

Each master plan is taken to the community for feedback to help us understand their needs and priorities.

  1. Site analysis and investigation
  2. Community consultation
  3. Development of a draft master plan
  4. Community consultation on the draft master plan
  5. Review community feedback and make amendments
  6. Final master plan endorsed by Council and released
  7. Recommended actions in the master plan are designed and implemented.

Implementation can take place over years, through major and minor projects. Not all recommendations are implemented as the plans are reviewed at regular intervals to make sure they continue to meet the community’s needs.