High Street, Kew VIC 3101

The Victoria Park Concept Master Plan was adopted in 2007 to ensure that Victoria Park is appropriately developed and managed for future generations.

Key aims

The key aims of the master plan are to:

  • maintain a variety of sporting and recreation uses
  • improve the park for young families and children
  • enhance the facilities in the park
  • improve vehicle and pedestrian access and movement
  • maintain the mix of indigenous and exotic vegetation
  • preserve the heritage features.


Many of the recommended actions are complete, including:

  • upgrades to the main pavilion and the Harriers pavilion
  • Adeney Avenue pedestrian entry improvements
  • pedestrian ramp and stairs from the main oval car park
  • renewal of the main entrance gates
  • a circuit of pedestrian paths around the park
  • improvements to the main entry road and car park
  • removal of the one-way road south of the tennis courts
  • improvements to the access laneway off Parkhill Road
  • installation of a picnic shelter, furniture, barbecue and basketball half court.

Future works include additional planting and construction of the new regional playground.

For more information about this project, contact the landscape and design team on 9278 4060 or email: [email protected].


Victoria Park Concept Master Plan