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Actions to make Council more sustainable

3.1      Update and implement our Sustainable Council Building Policy to make the water use at our buildings more efficient over time.

3.2      Increase the amount of water we collect from other sources at our buildings, parks and sports grounds.

3.3      Develop a new Integrated Water Management infrastructure program. This will be a plan to develop and implement new projects, such as stormwater treatment, litter management and collecting water from other sources and reusing it.

Partnership actions

3.4      Deliver sustainability workshops to teach the community about using water sustainably.

3.5      Provide support programs and advice for businesses to help them use less water.

3.6      Develop a cleaner building site program that will target sediment runoff from development sites. Develop an engagement and enforcement program for the cleaner building site program.

Actions to adapt to climate change

3.7      Increase the amount of water we collect from other sources, such as rainwater, and support people to use less water. This will reduce our need for mains water.

3.8      Update and implement our Integrated Water Management Plan.

3.9      Build the capacity of our infrastructure, such as buildings and drains, to withstand storm and flooding events.

Policy and advocacy actions

3.10    Maintain an Integrated Water Management Strategy and Action Plan for Boroondara.

3.11    Implement and promote actions to reduce urban stormwater runoff

3.12    Make sure building sites are managed well and are taking care to avoid pollution going into our waterways.

3.13    Develop a winter irrigation strategy for Boroondara.

3.14    Develop and implement updated soil management and irrigation management plans for a healthier open space.

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