Actions to make Council more sustainable

1.1      Update and implement our Sustainable Council Building Policy to keep improving our energy use in Council buildings.

1.2      Expand the amount of renewable energy we generate by:

-         installing solar PV on all suitable buildings

-         installing batteries at suitable locations

-         supporting the use of solar PV at other locations.

1.3      Transition Council buildings off natural gas.

1.4      Offset our remaining emissions from 2022.

1.5      Change the rest of our lighting to LED technology.

1.6      Audit our building stock to find more energy efficiency opportunities over time.

1.7      Upgrade major road streetlights to LED (subject to Victorian Government co-funding and an updated business case).

1.8      Transition our small machines to electric powered alternatives.

Partnership actions

1.9      Implement a community solar PV, battery and energy efficiency bulk buy program.

1.10    Help large energy users to switch to renewable energy via a Power Purchase Agreement or other way.

1.11    Give advice and support to encourage Environmentally Sustainable Design standards in building, renovation and development (as well as requirements of Planning Scheme and Building Regulations).

1.12    Deliver energy efficiency workshops, advice and support programs for community and businesses.

1.13    Support businesses to reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

1.14    Encourage community to offset emissions.

1.15    Develop a program to support energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades for Boroondara homes and businesses.

Actions to adapt to climate change

1.16    Maintain an Emergency Management Plan that considers the likely effects of climate change.

1.17    Improve the Environmentally Sustainable Design in our buildings over time.

1.18    Promote the benefits of cool roofs.

1.19    Support vulnerable and low-income residents to upgrade home energy efficiency.

Policy and advocacy actions

1.20    Support more Environmentally Sustainable Design in our Planning Scheme through our policies and advocacy.

1.21    Advocate for better environmental sustainability standards for new commercial and residential developments.

1.22    Advocate for the Victorian Government and Federal Government to adopt ambitious emission targets.

1.23    Develop a Natural Gas Transition Plan to support the use of low emissions alternatives to natural gas at our buildings.

Find out more about the actions we will take over the next 2 years.