Actions to make Council more sustainable

2.1      Increase the area managed for biodiversity from 51 hectares to 61 hectares.

2.2      Improve the local habitat for biodiversity.

2.3      Improve our tree planting program to provide more tree cover and urban cooling. We also want to make sure they are resilient and future-proofed.

Partnership actions

2.4      Give trees to schools, community groups and residents.

2.5      Deliver education workshops and programs that teach our community about protecting and improving our biodiversity.

Actions to adapt to climate change

2.6      Include climate change criteria in our tree renewal and plant selection guidelines.

2.7      Deliver a program that aims to restore our habitat and install nest boxes.

2.8      Provide support for increasing the number of canopy trees and shade to reduce urban heat.

2.9      Increase the open space in gap areas where open space is limited.

2.10    Review the Naturestrip Guidelines to help people use these spaces.

Policy and advocacy actions

2.11    Develop an Urban Forest and Urban Greening Strategy for Boroondara with a related planting plan.

2.12    Expand and put in place policies to protect trees on private land.

2.13    Advocate to the Victorian Government to improve tree protection on private land.

2.14    Expand and enforce tree protection rules for developers.

2.15    Update the Boroondara Open Space Strategy.

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