Actions to make Council more sustainable

6.1      Report every year on our climate action performance.

6.2      Include climate action education as part of our staff induction.

6.3      Increase funding for climate action grants as part of our grant program.

6.4      Promote the actions we take on climate change and the benefits of community actions.

6.5      Include climate action into staff roles, responsibilities and performance management.

6.6      Work with other councils to increase our impact.

6.7      Introduce short-term targets that match the ones set by the Victorian Government and the Federal Government.

6.8      Consider environmental sustainability in our investment decisions.

6.9      Look for opportunities to use smart technologies and IOT (Internet of Things) to achieve greater environmental sustainability.

6.10    Provide training and resources for Councillors about climate change and other sustainability issues relevant to Boroondara.

Partnership actions

6.11    Provide workshop programs and sustainability festivals.

6.12    Provide regular sustainability education and advice through our communication channels, including the Boroondara Bulletin.

6.13    Support more sustainability measures through the planning permit process. This includes creating a new Environmentally Sustainable Development Planning Officer position at Council.

6.14    Help develop an Environmentally Sustainable Development policy to include in the Boroondara Planning Scheme. This will be part of our membership in the Council Alliance for a Sustainable Built Environment (CASBE).

6.15    Provide a program of sustainability support and advice for schools and young people.

Actions to adapt to climate change

6.16    Develop options for the use of alternative permeable and/or heat-reducing surfaces in roadways and pathways.

6.17    Develop a Climate Action Plan and Risk Management Strategy for Boroondara.

6.18    Implement actions to respond to climate change risks for Boroondara.

Policy and advocacy actions

6.19    Update our Procurement Policy and make sure it emphasises more sustainability.

6.20    Develop a Litter and Pollution Reduction Plan for Boroondara.

6.21    Consider climate change impacts in relevant reports and decision-making.

6.22    Include climate action into all our new and revised policies, processes and strategies.

6.23    Advocate for and support more Environmentally Sustainable Development through the planning scheme.

6.24    Look for ways to improve air quality in Boroondara, such as anti-idling education around schools.

6.25    Look for ways to improve how we collect and monitor data for reporting on climate actions and impacts.

6.26    Advocate to other levels of government and relevant agencies to provide funding for Local Government Authorities and communities to take action to respond to climate change.

Find out more about the actions we will take over the next 2 years.