Choose the grant stream for your project or activity

The Annual Community Strengthening Grants have 5 grant streams. In your online Smarty Grants application, you'll be asked to choose the stream your project/activity best fits into. There will then be questions based on the objectives of that stream.

Read the objectives of each stream below. The adjacent video shows an example of a project that was funded through that grant stream. If you feel your project or activity falls under two or more streams, please choose the most relevant one.

    1. Active Community - Sports and Recreation

    This stream aims to build accessible recreation, sport and physical activities for our diverse and ever-changing community. Activities can also include education, training and capacity building for groups and clubs.


    • provide new and innovative opportunities for people to participate in local sport and physical activities
    • increase participation in both structured (e.g. team sports) and non-structured (e.g. walking and cycling) sport and recreation for a diverse range of residents
    • encourage clubs to be self-sustainable (e.g. specialist coaching clinics, sustainable sport club ideas, club governance or admin skills).

    2. Active Ageing Community - opportunities for 55+

    This streams creates opportunities for people aged 55+ of all abilities, interests and cultural backgrounds to participate in group activities that enhance wellbeing and foster connections in the local community. 

    It enables clubs to encourage their members to be socially active and lead healthy lifestyles.


    • enhance older peoples' health and wellbeing and participation in the community
    • improve older peoples' access and mobility around the community
    • enhance social cohesion, promote strong community support networks and reduce social isolation.

    3. Creative Community - Arts and Culture

    This stream encourages diverse arts and cultural programs, festivals, events and activities that enhance arts, culture and heritage across Boroondara.


    • increase community participation in arts and cultural activities 
    • encourage local cultural expression and development of artistic practice 
    • engage the Boroondara community with arts and cultural organisations 
    • encourage projects that target space activation (in both community facilities and open spaces) and/or focus on new and emerging art forms.

    4. Healthy Community - Health, Safety and Wellbeing

    This stream promotes the safety, good health and wellbeing of individuals, families and community groups across all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds.


    • promote health and wellbeing activities 
    • build connected and inclusive communities
    • support programs and activities that enhance community safety.

    5. Sustainable Community - Environmental Sustainability

    This stream encourages and enables sustainable living, less carbon emissions, less waste to landfill, biodiversity protection, waterway health, urban agriculture, walking and cycling.


    • increase community awareness and understanding of environmental issues and solutions
    • encourage the adoption of sustainable living behaviours and practices within the local community
    • achieve specific environmental benefits, including:
      • sustainable resource use (e.g. conserving drinking water, energy, materials etc.) 
      • less waste to landfill
      • biodiversity protection
      • healthy waterways
      • walking and cycling 
      • local and sustainable food production and distribution. 

    Have you decided which stream your project falls into?

    Would you like any help with your application? We have information sessions, one-on-one grant writing help and assistance with applying online. See our website for more information.