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Develop your application around the assessment criteria

Applications for Annual Community Strengthening Grant are assessed against four criteria. In your SmartyGrants application, you will be asked to write answers to address all the criteria.

Please read the criteria and prepare your answers before you talk to a Council officer. This will maximise the chance of a successful grant application.

You can also download our Annual Community Strengthening Grants workbook from the Downloads section on this page to help guide you through the application.

1. WHAT are the objectives of your proposed project or activity? (25 per cent)

2. WHY is the proposed project or activity needed? (25 per cent)

  • Demonstrate that the activity responds to a community need and provide evidence of demand.
  • Demonstrate that your research has identified this need and/or opportunities in the community that you intend to fill.
  • Demonstrate community support for your proposal.
  • Demonstrate that this activity cannot be funded elsewhere.
  • Demonstrate the need for second year funding (if applicable).

3. WHO will benefit from your project or activity? (25 per cent)

  • Describe who will participate in your project or activity and how the project outcomes will significantly benefit Boroondara residents. 
  • Describe how the project or activity creates links and develops partnerships with other organisations.

4. HOW will your organisation manage the funded project or activity over the funding period? (25 per cent)

  • Provide evidence that your organisation has the expertise and capacity to successfully manage and evaluate the project or activity.
  • Provide evidence of a program plan where appropriate.
  • Ensure the budget accurately reflects the activity proposed.

Have you read the assessment criteria and considered how your application will address it?

Would you like any help with your application? We have information sessions, one-on-one grant writing help and assistance with applying online. You can find out more on our Get help with your grant application page.

Download our Annual Community Strengthening Grants workbook

Please note: our Annual Community Strengthening Grants workbook is designed to be printed.