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The idea of Sing for Recovery is to provide hope and comfort to people in hospital who have newly had a stroke, and their carers and families, and it's a wonderful therapy for them.

Oh the benefits are endless - from stroke survivors to the ones that participate. Some of them have aphasia, so singing helps them with that. The friendliness, the warmth that we all share together, and knowing that we're doing something really special.

The grant has enabled us to continue on doing what we like to do, which is perform in these hospitals where we're singing today.

Well, we're here today at St Georges and we come here about every three months. The wonderful grant that we received has enabled us to continue on, because we need to pay our conductor and there all kinds of other costs that we have. And this has enabled us to continue on with almost all of the Melbourne hospitals that we sing in, and particularly here at St Georges.

We love to see the joy on the faces of all the people that we sing to, the songs we leave and they're all got smiles on their faces we've done our work.