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Tue 27 March 2018
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My name is Graeme Bishop, I have been a player in the Keenagers for some years.

We play table tennis in a... just a group of people, generally it will be about 16/18 of us. The game of table tennis is really all about balance and reflexes, but it does redevelop perhaps the balance and agility, the movement skills, the peripheral vision that otherwise fades as you get a bit older.

And there's also the social side to it. We meet up in the, at the venue for a coffee at about 11 and a lot of social interaction during the game. We applied for the grant from Boroondara 18 months ago because the tables that were originally purchased were pretty well wearing out and we were lucky enough to be successful with the grant.

It meant that we could move on three tables that were very aged and replace them with three new ones. The table tennis tables are... the table makes a big difference to the game, which is quite natural when you think about it.

So we were very pleased to get the Community Strengthening Grant from the Boroondara Council. It allows our group to expand hopefully into the future and continue to play this game which is just so, so good for people who in their Keenagers prime years and it so we hope to continue on.