The Victorian Electoral Commission declared the results of the 2020 Council election on Monday 9 November 2020. The Councillors were sworn in at a special Council meeting on Monday 16 November 2020.

See Mayor and councillors for a list of the 2020-2024 City of Boroondara Councillors.

You can also find details of the election results on the Victorian Electoral Commission website.

If you didn’t vote

If you were enrolled at this election and did not vote you may receive an 'Apparent Failure to Vote Notice' from the Victorian Electoral Commission in the coming months. This will be your opportunity to explain why it appears you didn't vote.

For more information, including details about what happens if you didn’t vote visit the Victorian Electoral Commission website.

Election Campaign Donation Returns 2020

Local government election candidates are required by law to provide a record of whether they did or didn’t receive any donations or gifts, including in-kind support, for their election campaign.

Within 40 days of Election Day, all candidates must provide the Chief Executive Officer with a completed election campaign donation return. The due date is 3 December 2020.

The return provides details of any gifts, goods or services worth $500 or more, received during the donation period for use in connection with a candidate’s election campaign. This applies to all candidates, whether elected or not, and whether they received campaign donations or not.

The ‘donation period’ is defined as the period beginning 30 days after Election Day in the previous election and ending 30 days after Election Day in the current election.

Within 14 days after the deadline for lodgement of completed campaign donation returns by candidates, summaries of each return lodged is made available on Council’s website for a period up until the entitlement date for the next general election.

The next general election is scheduled for October 2024.

New electoral boundaries and ward

From the 2020 Council Election there was a change to Boroondara’s electoral structure, with 11 Councillors elected from 11 single member wards.

Visit the Victorian Electoral Commission website for more information about the new structure.

To view the new ward boundaries please see the map below provided by VEC.

To view individual wards download individual ward maps.

Download map of Boroondara ward boundaries

Election Period Policy

Council's Election Period Policy ensures the Boroondara City Council general election, and subsequent elections, are conducted in a manner that is ethical, fair and equitable and are publicly perceived as such. The policy is included within the Governance Rules.

This Policy deals with issues such as:

  • decisions which will and will not be made by Council during the election period
  • public consultation requirements
  • how Council resources will be used
  • what assistance will be provided to candidates
  • what media (including social media) arrangements are made during the election period

Download the Governance rules (including election period policy)

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