Our immunisation service provides:

  • free immunisation of all National Immunisation Program vaccines  
  • school aged immunisations for students in Years 7
  • School Entry Immunisation Status Certificates
  • Mandarin interpreters at the Surrey Hills and North Balwyn morning sessions
  • annual corporate influenza program for companies within Boroondara
  • advice and support for residents with vaccination related enquiries.

No Jab, No Play

From 1 January 2016

All parents/guardians seeking to enrol their child at an early childhood service in Victoria will be required to provide evidence that the child is:

  • up-to-date with vaccinations for their age
  • on a vaccine catch-up schedule
  • has a medical condition preventing them from being fully vaccinated.

A 'conscientious objection' is not an exemption under the 'No Jab No Play' legislation.

Only parents of children who are fully immunised or are on a recognised catch-up schedule can receive the Child Care Benefit, the Child Care Rebate and the Family Tax Benefit Part A end of year supplement.

Children with a medical contraindication or natural immunity for certain diseases will continue to be exempt from the requirements.

Conscientious and vaccination objections on non-medical grounds will no longer be a valid exemption from immunisation requirements.

Families eligible to receive family assistance payments and have children less than 20 years of age, who may not meet the new immunisation requirements, will be notified by Centrelink.

To request an Immunisation History Statement, contact the ACIR:

For parents of children who are not fully immunised, you may wish to:

  • visit the City of Boroondara Immunisation Service
  • talk to your regular family doctor

Visit the Better Health Channel and read the fact sheets to find out what vaccines are due and when, read about facts and misconceptions and view the frequently asked questions about the new No Jab No Play laws.

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