Maranoa Botanic Gardens plays a significant role as one of the most diverse botanical displays of Australian plants. It is a rich resource for students, researchers, botanist and nature enthusiasts alike.

It is the perfect spot for relaxing and immersing yourself in some of Australia’s most fascinating and unique flora. Follow the circuit path and discover a collection of around 4,000 native plant species, categorised into major vegetation groups from rainforest to arid zone.


The story of Maranoa Botanic Gardens began in 1901, when Mr J M Watson purchased 1.4 hectares of land for a private garden in Balwyn, in which he planted a collection of Australian and New Zealand natives.

In 1922, the City of Camberwell acquired the garden and it was officially opened to the public on the 18 September 1926.

The Garden was expanded in 1962 to its current 2.6 hectares and now supports approximately 4,000 native plant species. In 2015 the gardens adopted a Conservation Management Plan to guide its management and maintenance now and in the future. 


Parring Road, Balwyn 3103.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 4pm; Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 10am to 5pm; closed on Good Friday and Christmas Day; open Easter Sunday.


  • Public toilets
  • Seating and tables


Dogs are not permitted within the fenced area of the Maranoa Botanic Gardens.

    Hire this venue

    The gardens are available for hire for weddings and other celebrations.

    Booking times: See opening hours above. Events need to be packed up by 4pm Monday to Friday and 5pm weekends and public holidays.

    Marquees, arbours and other shade structures: not permitted

    Maximum people: 50

    Chairs and tables: up to 20 chairs and 2 tables can be brought in for events

    Portable barbecue: not permitted

    To find out more or make a booking, see hire a park, garden or reserve.

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    Maranoa Botanic Gardens Florilegium

    The Maranoa Botanic Gardens Florilegium has arrived.

    This Florilegium documents many of the fascinating plants grown in the Maranoa Botanic Gardens through intricate and exquisite botanical paintings created by the Balwyn Botanical Art Group, led by art tutor Margaret Castle.

    Other delightful pieces featuring botanical paintings are also available for sale, including tea towels, gift cards, notebooks and bookmarks.

    Read more about the Florilegium and order your copy.

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