You can apply for a new plaque on seats in Council parks or gardens. Plaques honour people who have made significant contributions to our Boroondara community. See below for how we define a ‘significant contribution’. If we approve your application, you need to pay for the plaque, park furniture and installation.

We will consider your application if:

  • it honours a person who has died and made a significant contribution to Boroondara for more than 20 years
  • it's in line with our master plan or strategic development framework for the proposed site
  • it honours a person, event or occasion that doesn't already have a plaque or marker.

A significant contribution:

  • has had a major impact on the local community
  • is more than someone doing their job, volunteering or offering charitable support
  • must stand out when compared to others.

We will also consider the number of existing plaques, memorials, public artworks and fountains before approving your application.

More information

For more information or to request to have a plaque installed, please email [email protected]

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