• Vaccinations are optional.
  • Costs may apply.
  • Bookings are required.

Come along to any immunisation session to be vaccinated against these diseases:



Doses needed

Cost per dose

Cost per course






Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis





Hepatitis B (Adult)

Engerix B




Hepatitis A & B (Adult)

Twinrix 3 $79 $237


6 months up to 5 years

(5 years and older)

(65 years and older)













Meningococcal ACWY Nimenrix^ 1 or 2 $78 $78-$156

Meningococcal B

Bexsero^^ 2 or 3 $130 $260-$390
Polio Ipol 1 $58 _

* Children aged 6 months to <9 years getting the influenza vaccine for the first time need 2 doses, at least 4 weeks apart.

6 weeks to 5 months – 3 doses (8 weeks between 1st and 2nd doses; 3rd dose at 12 months of age).
6 to 11 months – 2 doses (2nd dose at 12 months of age or 8 weeks after 1st dose, whichever is later). 

A single dose of Nimenrix is funded under the National Immunisation Programs at 12-months of age.

^^6 weeks to 11 months – 3 doses (8 weeks between 1st and 2nd doses; 3rd dose at 12 months of age or 8 weeks after dose 2).
12 months and older – 2 doses (8 weeks between 1st and 2nd doses).

Before you child has the Bexsero vaccine

 Children under 2 years require a dose of Paracetamol 30 minutes before the vaccine is administered, or as soon as practical after the administration. This is due to the common side effect of fever following vaccination.

What happens at immunisation sessions

You need to make a booking, then come along, take a number and read the pre-immunisation checklist.

We will record the vaccines your child is receiving in the green My Health and Development folder.

The nurse will let you know about possible reactions and address any of your concerns. The vaccination is given while you're seated.

If additional vaccination doses are needed, a comeback date is stamped in your green My Health and Development folder.

After your vaccination, you'll need to stay in the waiting area for 15 minutes in case you have a rare adverse reaction.

All vaccinations are recorded on our database and are reported to the Australian Immunisation Register within 24 hours.

For more information call 9278 4711 or email Immunisation Services.

See the 2020 public immunisation schedule.


Payment can be made online when you make a book or alternatively payment can be made via EFTPOS or credit card only before the vaccination is administered at the immunisation session. Cash, cheques, American Express and Diners Club cards aren't accepted.

Some private health funds provide refunds for vaccinations and you will be issued a receipt for these purposes.

Non-medicare card holders are charged the same amount for these optional vaccines. 

The Victorian Government's Better Health Channel website has fact sheets on the diseases and their vaccines. We don't offer vaccinations for travel purposes. Contact the Travel Clinics Australia information hotline on 1900 969 359.

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