Missing records and overseas immunisations

Council’s Immunisation Service can put your child’s missing or overseas immunisation records onto the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) via our Immunisation Records Update online form.

Catch-up schedules

If your child hasn't had all the required vaccinations, we can help them become up to date with the National Immunisation Program by developing a catch up schedule.

Catch up schedules may be required for a number of reasons:

  • your child was overseas or on holiday and missed the immunisation that was due
  • your family recently migrated to Australia
  • your child had a medical condition preventing immunisation at a young age
  • you have received a letter from Council, Centrelink or the AIR stating your child is not up to date.
Please note: Catch-up schedules are complex and cannot be done at public immunisation sessions. 

How to organise a catch-up schedule

Step 1 - Provide Council with a copy of your child’s records

Before you visit one of our immunisation sessions, provide us with a copy of your child’s immunisation records either:

  • online - complete our online Immunisation Records Update form, or
  • in person - visit our Camberwell Office with your immunisation records and Medicare Card, if you have one. If the records are in a language other than English, they will need to be translated.

This will enable your child’s immunisation records to be checked and a catch-up schedule worked out prior to attending a session.

Step 2 - Receive notification from Council 

We will contact you by post or email to let you know that your child’s records have been assessed and what the outcome was. If your child requires further vaccinations, you can now attend a session at your convenience.

Step 3 - Attend an immunisation session

We will present you with the catch-up schedule for your child and administer any outstanding vaccines to bring your child up-to-date with the National Immunisation Program. If additional visits are required, we will tell you when you need to come back.

Find dates and locations for immunisation sessions in Boroondara

Step 4 - Update your child’s records

Following any vaccination, we will update Council’s database and we will also upload your child’s immunisation records to the AIR.

You will be able to access and download your child’s Immunisation History Statement from the AIR in the following 24 hours.

This history statement is the only accepted document for enrolment into early childhood centres, Kindergartens and Primary Schools in Victoria.

What if the documents are in other languages?

The records need to be in English. The Australian Government Department of Settlement Services offers a free translating service that can be used by anyone who holds a permanent visa.

Read about the Free Translating Service on the Department of Home Affairs website.

More information

Please call 9278 4711 or email [email protected].

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