Request property information, if needed

Property owners who apply for a Building Permit through Council are provided with a property information service as part of their application processing.

However, if you are using a Private Building Surveyor, or need to serve Protection Works Notices, you may require specific property reports.


When would I need this?

How do I order this?


Property Information for a Private Building Surveyor

Order this when your Private Building Surveyor has requested information about the property, such as whether it is designated as flood prone or is in a termite area.

Complete the Application for Property Information - Building Surveyors and submit it to Council offices.

Incurs a fee.

Building Ownership Details

Order this if you need to serve Protection Works Notices on adjoining property owners, under the Privacy Act.

The report may be requested by a Private Building Surveyor.

The report provides the contact details of the owners of the neighbouring properties.

Complete the Application for Ownership Details for Protection Works and submit it to Council offices.

Provide details of the building surveyor appointed for the works, including their registration number.

Incurs a fee.

Do you need specific property reports?