boroondara big map

Your Councillors work with community committees, community groups and individuals, as well as with their fellow Councillors, to represent the interests of their ward and the broader community, as well as assist the community with issues affecting them.

Councillors welcome enquiries into issues affecting Boroondara residents and ratepayers.

To learn which ward you are in, look for your street on our wards map.

Bellevue ward map

Bellevue Ward

Cr Jim Parke

Phone: 9278 4457

Jim Parke
Cotham ward map

Cotham Ward

Cr Judith Voce

Phone: 9835 7841
Mobile: 0409 887 097

Cr Judith Voce Cotham Ward
Gardiner ward map

Gardiner Ward

Cr Coral Ross

Phone: 9835 7842
Mobile: 0438 005 225

Glenferrie ward map

Glenferrie Ward

Cr Steve Hurd

Phone: 9835 7849
Mobile: 0417 708 182

Cr Steve Hurd Glenferrie Ward
Junction ward map

Junction Ward

Cr Jack Wegman

Phone: 9835 7843
Mobile: 0438 011 665

Cr Jack Wegman Junction Ward
Lynden ward map

Lynden Ward

Cr Heinz Kreutz

Phone: 9835 7844
Mobile: 0438 006 656

Cr Heinz Kreutz Lynden Ward
Mailing ward map

Maling Ward

Cr Jane Addis

Phone: 9835 7845
Mobile: 0409 267 902

Cr Jane Addis Maling Ward
Maranoa ward map

Maranoa Ward

Cr Philip Mallis

Phone: 9835 7846
Mobile: 0418 564 410

 Cr Philip Mallis Maranoa Ward
Solway ward map

Solway Ward

Cr Kevin Chow

Phone: 9835 7847
Mobile: 0427 544 328

Cr Kevin Chow Solway Ward
Studley ward map

Studley Ward

Cr Phillip Healey

Phone: 9835 7848
Mobile: 0437 374 773

Cr Phillip Healey Studley Ward