Cr Di Gillies

Contact details

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (03) 9835 7843

Mobile: 0482 999 919

Post: Private Bag 1, Camberwell VIC 3124


Portrait of Councillor Di Gillies


Cr Gillies has been a City of Boroondara resident for more than 30 years, living in Hawthorn for 2 years and Camberwell for 33 years. She has 3 grown young adults and one son-in-law. Her partner also has 2 adult children who are both married with young families.

Cr Gillies was elected to represent Junction Ward in October 2020 and is currently Chair of the Services Delegated Committee.

“My vision for Boroondara is to ensure we have the vibrant, inclusive city that our Vision statement aspires to. One which provides quality, caring and far-sighted community services and amenities. One which recognises the importance of heritage structures, spaces and human experiences, and one that implements meaningful climate change responses.”

Council committees

  • CEO Employment and Remuneration Committee
  • Services Delegated Committee
  • Urban Planning Delegated Committee
  • Waste Management Reference Group (WMRG)
  • Transforming Boroondara Steering Committee
  • Heritage Advisory Committee
  • Boroondara Reconciliation Advisory Committee
  • Camberwell Junction Precinct Advisory Committee (CJPAC)

External advisory committees

  • Community Disability Advisory Committee
  • Boroondara Public Health and Wellbeing Advisory Committee
  • Marketplace Development Fund (MDF)

Partnership groups

  • Boroondara Family Violence Network

Memberships and associations

  • Royal Victorian Association of Honorary Justices
  • Camberwell Historical Society
  • Friends of Auburn Tower
  • Camberwell High School Council

Hobbies and interests

  • Walking
  • Reading
  • Travelling
  • Spending time with family and friends
  • Being involved in community service projects

History of Junction Ward

Camberwell Junction developed around the hotel licensed in 1857 by George Eastaway, which was built near where the main roads meet.

The area was formerly known as Red Gum Flat. Town Commons were set aside below, and a school, churches and Camberwell Town Hall built. This name was also used for residents across the boundary road in Hawthorn.

The Junction shopping centre spread to, and beyond, the new railway station in the 1880s. The name recalls the original village established around the Camberwell Cross, or crossroads.

Map of Junction Ward

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