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We are renewing Hays Paddock Playground in Kew East due to its age and condition. 

Project status

We've started construction and expect to complete it by mid 2024 (weather permitting). 

During this time, we will need to close the playground area and some car parking bays. We will also need to close the pedestrian access path on the north side of Glass Creek for up to one week in mid-to-late 2023 for upgrade works.

We will install a temporary gravel path around the outside of the playground area in early August 2023. This will make sure there is still pedestrian access along the main path throughout Hays Paddock during the construction period. 

Pedestrian access to all other areas of Hays Paddock will stay open.

This includes the:

  • nearby open spaces
  • outdoor exercise equipment 
  • picnic and barbecue areas
  • sporting club pavilion
  • walking routes and pathways 
  • public toilet. 

Community consultation

We asked our community for feedback to help guide the renewal of the playground. We received over 260 responses from community members (including children) over 2 stages of consultation. We also received feedback from leaders and experts in the disability sector. 

You can find out what our community told us, how their feedback shaped the final concept design, and view the final concept design on our Hays Paddock Playground renewal consultation page

About the project

The new playground will continue to provide side-by-side play opportunities for all children. 

Key features of the new playground 

The playground design keeps the billabong theme and the timber look and feel our community told us was important to them.

Key features include:

  • a new accessible timber structure with bridges and ramps, activity panels, big and small slides, play opportunities underneath and a leaf-shaped shade structure 
  • a new, more challenging rope climb zone
  • a new, safer sand play area with accessible tables, animal sculpture and a digger
  • more rubber surfaces throughout the playground area to improve access for people of all abilities
  • a new sensory water zone with sculptural elements and accessible table
  • renewed swings with a variety of swing seats
  • new billabong animal mascots 
  • a new horizontal rope sway
  • a new bee rocker
  • musical chimes
  • several gathering and seating areas
  • billabong-themed sculptural items and artistic elements
  • more shade over the swings, sandpit and parts of the timber structure
  • a focus on the healthy existing and healthy mature trees in the playground
  • new and refreshed garden beds with native plants.

We have also kept some some features from the existing playground. The following items are still safe for use:

  • retained spider rope net
  • retained circular carousel.

When the spider rope net and circular carousel reach the end of their useful life, we will remove these and the area will be returned to open space. This will make sure we comply with current authority regulations for the easement, which runs close to the western boundary.

We are also refreshing the current hammock swings based on community feedback.

Timber play structure renders

Car park upgrade

We will also upgrade part of the car park to meet the Australian Standards for accessible car parking and improve access for everyone. The upgrades will include replacement lighting to the access road, car park and sport pavilion.

Tree works

As part of our investigations to renew the playground, an independent arborist completed a health check on each tree in and around Hays Paddock Playground and the car park.

The arborist recommended that:

  • 12 trees need to be removed due to poor health, structural issues, or because they are nearing the end of their life
  • 14 trees need to be pruned to improve their health and structure, and to manage future risk.

The arborist also reviewed the concept design to see if it would impact the trees nearby.

They recommended that in the area next to the proposed swings and seating, 2 medium-value trees will need to be removed to build the new playground

The arborist has assessed these 2 trees to have medium value for a few reasons, including:

  • being in good or fair health
  • having fair structure
  • maturing to a medium size.

We will offset any trees being removed by planting at least 17 new trees as part of the playground works.  

During investigations to upgrade the car park, our arborists identified an additional 11 trees that are dead or have significant structural issues. We will need to remove these trees and will replace them with new trees where possible.

We will also prune and remove dead and low branches hanging over the car park from the remaining car park trees.


DateProject stageProgress update
September 2021Playground auditWe completed a playground audit to understand the renewal works needed for the playground.
December 2021Initial consultation with original playground foundersWe consulted the original playground founders and disability sector experts to help guide the draft concept design.
Early 2022First stage of community consultationWe consulted our community to help inform the draft concept design for the playground renewal. 
Mid 2022Second stage of community consultation We asked our community for feedback on the draft concept design for the playground renewal. 
March 2023Final concept design releasedWe shared the final concept design for the new playground, which incorporates our community’s feedback.
April 2023Council awards contractWe awarded the contract for the playground renewal works at a Coucil meeting in late April 2023.
Mid 2023Construction startsStarted construction of the new playground, car park upgrades and tree works. 
Mid 2024Construction completeWe expect construction of the new playground to be completed.

More information

To receive updates about this project, visit our Hays Paddock Playground renewal consultation page and select 'Follow' at the top of the page.

For more information about construction, contact our Civil Projects Team on (03) 9278 4444 or [email protected].

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