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Our programs and resources supporting safe and active travel to school aim to increase the number of students walking, riding, using scooters and skating safely to school.

Students using these active transport options has many benefits for the whole school community, including:

  • reducing traffic congestion around schools, leading to quieter and safer streets
  • improving health and fitness
  • increasing independence and encouraging social interaction
  • connecting the school with the local community.

Facilities for safe and active travel

We provide small amounts of bike parking, as well as advice and grant possibilities for larger bike parking requirements near schools.

You can see where bike parking is available or contact us to request more bike parking hoops on our Find bike parking page.

Programs for Primary School and younger

Boroondara Active and Safe Schools program

The Boroondara Active and Safe Schools (BASS) program is an annual intensive program to increase safe and active travel to and from school. It's usually carried out at 2 Boroondara primary schools each year.

The program includes:

  • surveying parents and students
  • traffic infrastructure audits
  • workshops to help students find ways to increase safe and active travel to and from school.

A 'School Travel Plan' is drawn up with the school community as a guide to increasing active travel.

Expressions of interest for the program are welcomed. You can email [email protected] to request more information.

Walk or Wheel Wednesdays

Our Walk or Wheel Wednesdays program encourages primary school students to walk or ride to school every Wednesday for one school term. It aims to:

  • improve children’s health and wellbeing
  • improve children’s road safety skills and awareness
  • reduce traffic congestion around schools 
  • contribute positively to the environment by encouraging more sustainable transport options.
A young person riding on a stationary bike that is powering a blender making a smoothie

How it works:

  1. Teachers or school staff members register their school to participate in the program for one school term through our online form.
  2. Students walk, cycle, scoot, or skateboard to school on Wednesdays during the nominated school term.
  3. You record how many students participate each Wednesday using the supplied calendar resource. We recommend tallying the data into a spreadsheet at the end of each week to keep track.
  4. At the end of the term, you can send your school’s completed spreadsheet to [email protected]
  5. At the end of the year, the school with the highest percentage of participation in the Walk or Wheel Wednesday program will win a prize. There are also incentives to be given away throughout the year.

To register your school in our Walk or Wheel Wednesday program, you will need a teacher or school staff member to fill out our online registration form.

Register for Walk or Wheel Wednesdays

When a teacher or school staff member has completed the registration form, they will then be contacted by our Sustainable Transport team to provide you with the resources you need to complete the program during your selected school term.

More information

For more information, contact our Sustainable Transport team by emailing [email protected] or call us on (03) 9278 4444.

Kew Traffic School safety education program

Kew Traffic School is a unique, mini road environment designed for children aged 2 to 10 to learn road safety awareness. The school runs a safety education program for schools and kindergartens, as well as public ride sessions and private bookings of the facilities.

Find out more on our Kew Traffic School page.

Primary and Secondary School programs

School Holiday Bike Program

We offer this program during Term 1 and Term 3 school holidays for primary and secondary school students. This program builds riding skills for young riders in a safe environment and prepares teenagers for independent travel and on-road riding.

To be notified about our upcoming courses, email [email protected] and request to join our mailing list.

Find out more on our Bike skills workshops page.

Bike Ed

Bike Ed is a safe cycling skills program developed by VicRoads for students from year 1 to year 8. The program is delivered in schools by teachers who are accredited Bike Ed instructors.

Bike Ed involves a range of practical skills activities both on- and off-road, as well as classroom sessions. The program helps children develop the skills they need to ride safely and confidently.

For more information about the Bike Ed program, see the VicRoads website.

How we support Bike Ed

We support local schools to run Bike Ed by funding training for up to 2 teachers and funding a relief teacher. To apply for Bike Ed training, email [email protected] or call us on (03) 9278 4444.


Along with the well-known Ride2School Day which takes place in March each year, there are also multiple programs run by Bicycle Network as part of Ride2School that you can get involved with. These include:

  • Bike education
  • Open streets
  • Mind.Body.Pedal
  • ActiveSuite

Find out more on the Bicycle Network website.

Secondary School programs


Fit2Drive is a program that helps year 11 students become safer drivers and touches on safe driving around cyclists and pedestrians. The workshop involves scenarios, guided discussions and role plays and is endorsed by the TAC and VicRoads. We provide financial support to run the workshop in your school.

You can find out more on the Fit2Drive Foundation website.

TAC L2P learner driver mentor program

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) L2P Program is a community-based program developed to assist eligible young Victorian learner drivers. Young people between the ages of 16 and 21 years who don’t have access to a supervising driver or an appropriate vehicle can gain the driving experience required for a probationary license.

The TAC L2P Program is funded by the TAC, administered by the Department of Transport, and coordinated by the City of Boroondara. You can find out more on our TAC L2P learner driver mentor program page.

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