These guidelines outline the fitness activities and equipment that are permitted in outdoor spaces in Boroondara. They are designed to assist fitness trainers who wish to use outdoor spaces in Boroondara.

The guidelines ensure the wellbeing and safety of the community and also protect Council assets.

Any matters related to fitness trainer use of public outdoor spaces that is not specifically mentioned in these guidelines will be assessed by Council.

Fitness training groups

  • Fitness training groups with 5 or more participants in a session must submit a casual sportsground booking on our online booking site. Standard rates for casual sportsground bookings are $69 per hour.
  • Fitness training groups with fewer than 5 participants in a session don't need to submit a booking application or pay a booking fee.

Participation numbers for fitness training groups will be reviewed as part of the development of a future Fitness Training Policy, which may impact these conditions in future. 

Fitness activities and equipment


  • Organised aerobic activities
  • Circuit and free weight training
  • Boxing and pad training
  • Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and similar activities
  • Use of portable fitness equipment including mats, exercise balls, medicine balls, free weights, kettle bells (maximum 10 kg)
  • Jogging and running drills (no spikes).

Not permitted: 

  • Organised sporting activities
  • Aggressive or intimidating activities including combat/fighting training
  • Use of heavy gymnasium equipment and structures (this includes, but is not limited to bench press, squat rack, rowing machine and exercise bike)
  • Use of weights or other equipment heavier than 10kg (e.g., dumbbells, kettlebells)
  •  Any activity that may cause damage or unreasonable wear to natural grass areas, synthetic surfaces, trees, vegetation, paving or fixtures, including but not limited to:
    • dragging tyres or using battle ropes on grass areas
    • digging weights into ground, or using slam balls
    • tying bands, ropes or attaching equipment to fixtures or trees
    • using seats, benches or fences for training activities.

Training areas

Fitness training activities are limited to Council sportsgrounds only and are not permitted in Council parks, gardens or open space areas.

This will be reviewed as part of the future development of a Fitness Training Policy and is subject to change as an outcome of this review. 

Fitness trainers should use the wings of sportsgrounds and avoid high-wear areas like goal squares, centre corridors, centre squares and ground entry points. 

Other restricted areas

Fitness trainers are not permitted to access or use the following for training activities: 

  • Sports pavilions (for training activities or storage) 
  • Sportsground lighting and electronic scoreboards 
  • Synthetic cricket wickets and cricket net facilities 
  • Sporting infrastructure including player benches and goal posts 
  • Outdoor fitness stations 
  • Playgrounds and play equipment 
  • Park furniture and assets such as benches, bollards, fences, stairs and rotundas 
  • Picnic and BBQ areas 
  • Stairs and pathways.

Undercover areas around pavilions can only be used when pavilions aren't being used, and must still comply with the rules outlined in the Fitness activities and equipment section. 


Noise from activities must not disturb other users or adjacent residents and must comply with all relevant regulations, including the Environment Protection Act 1970 and the State Environment Protection Policy (Control of Music Noise from Public Premises). 

One small portable speaker may be used during times of operation only, provided the sound does not disturb other park users or nearby residents. The use of other amplification equipment such as whistles, megaphones and sound systems is prohibited. 


Trainers may display one temporary, removable sign to identify your business during times of operation only. The sign must be placed so it does not obstruct walkways or pathways. Don't attach it to trees or any infrastructure. 


Trainers must have a valid Public Liability Insurance: Certificate of Currency with minimum coverage of $20 million. You must upload a copy to all online application submissions. Without it, your application will be denied. 

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