A vehicular crossing is the section of driveway between the road and a property (whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial dwelling).

The vehicular crossing is a Council-owned asset which needs to be protected during works.

Works include:

  • constructing a new driveway
  • relocating, widening, replacing or closing an existing driveway.

Before you start works on a driveway, you need to apply for a Vehicular Crossing Permit.

    Step 1: Check for underground pipes and cables

    Contact Dial Before You Dig to find out if there are any utility services or infrastructure located below ground, either under the driveway or near your proposed works. If any services are identified, include these in the site plan with your application (Step 2).

    Step 2: Submit your application

    Apply for a Vehicular Crossing Permit

    The Application Fee for this permit is currently $205.00 ( valid until 30 June 2018). A credit card payment form is included in the application document.

    With your application, you will also need to attach a site plan showing:

    • all assets surrounding the driveway, such as street trees, sign posts, power poles, utility service pits, stormwater connections
    • internal parking space or garage set-back
    • the location (including the street name) of the existing driveway
    • the location of the proposed driveway or modifications
    • a copy of your endorsed plans or Planning Permit number (if applicable).

    The standard driveway width is 3m and the maximum driveway width for a residential property is 4.5m. Council officers may vary the width according to Council's standards and other parameters.

    Step 3: Your application is assessed

    We'll let you know if your application has been approved or if we need more information within 10 business days.

    We assess your application against our:

    • Vehicular Crossings Policy: this allows for appropriate vehicle access to private properties
    • Vehicular Crossings Procedures: this explains how to apply for a Vehicular Crossing Permit and provides guidelines for driveway installation, construction, alteration, removal, and maintenance.

    Vehicular Crossing Permits are valid for 18 months from date of issue. They are not transferable to another party and cannot be extended.

    For more information, contact the Works Permits team on 9278 4505 or email Works Permits.

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