A vehicle crossing gives you access to your property, from the road to your property boundary.

It includes the ramp from the road to the footpath and adjacent footpath panels.

You need a Vehicle Crossing Permit to change or construct a new vehicle crossing.

Before you apply

Check your requirements and develop a site plan. This includes assets near your property and other permits. 

Check existing assets outside your property

These can affect your ability to get a permit.

Council assets include:

  • street trees
  • stormwater drains
  • sign posts.

Other assets, managed by public authorities like Telstra, include:

  • utility pits, manholes and chambers
  • poles and vents
  • pipes
  • fire hydrants.

You must consider these when you plan the location of your crossing.

You need written approval from the relevant authorities to do works near their assets.

Check if you need a Planning Permit

You need a Planning Permit if your property or vehicle crossing is affected by planning overlays. These include:

  • Heritage Overlay (HO)
  • Road Zone Category (RDZ1)
  • Special Building Overlay (SBO1)
  • Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO).

Visit VicPlan to check if your property is affected.

Develop a site plan

A clear site plan will help us make a decision.

You need to supply a Dial Before You Dig report with your site plan.

Use this report to:

  • locate underground assets close to your planned crossing
  • prevent damage to those assets
  • make sure workers are safe.

Learn what to include in a site plan.

Get your Dial Before You Dig report.

Apply for your permit

Use our online form:

Apply for a Vehicle Crossing Permit

Only property owners or contractors can use this form.

Application fee: $236 plus a credit card surcharge fee.

After you apply, we will:

  • respond to you within 10 business days
  • email your permit and conditions if approved.

If we do not hear back from you in 6 months we will close your application.

Permits are valid for 18 months. You can't transfer your permit to another person, company or property.

Site assessment

Before we can approve your permit, we need to assess the site to check that planned works comply with our policies and procedures.

We won't give you a permit if you plan to:

  • remove or transplant an established street tree
  • modify or build over an existing drainage pit
  • remove 2 or more on-street parking spaces for the crossing
  • do works that affect a public authority asset and they do not approve your plans
  • construct a new crossing too close to an intersection.

Depending on the council assets involved, we may refer your application to one of our specialists.

It can take up to 2 weeks to get a response.

Download our Protection of Council Assets and Control of Building Sites Local Law 2021 to find out what your responsibilities are.

Organise your contractor

Send your permit and supporting information to your contractor.

Your contractor must tell us when they expect works to start and finish.

Ask them to submit a vehicle crossing pre-works notification.

We will complete a pre-pour and final inspection to make sure standards are met.

As the permit holder, you will be responsible for all works undertaken by your contractor.

More information

Call us on (03) 9278 4505 or email [email protected]

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