Being fire ready is a shared responsibility between government, emergency services and the community. 
The risk of a fire is significantly reduced when properties are well-maintained. 

It is your responsibility as a property owner to maintain your property in accordance with Council’s Amenity Local Law under the Dangerous and Unsightly Land and Nuisance provisions.

You can reduce the risk of fires starting and prevent fire from spreading to neighbouring properties by clearing any flammable or hazardous materials that could fuel a fire, including:

  • long, dry or dead grass
  • dry branches and foliage
  • dry leaves, especially in roof gutters
  • building materials
  • rubbish piles
  • chemical and gas containers
  • newspapers
  • piles of firewood 
  • garden mulch or compost in piles

Tips and hints for fire prevention

There are many ways you can reduce the risk of fire, these include:

  • mowing lawns regularly and keeping grass no more than 15cm high 
  • storing building materials and firewood neatly and away from your home and fence line 
  • removing all dead foliage and undergrowth from outdoor areas
  • removing unused flammable chemicals - and dropping them at the Boroondara Recycling and Waste Centre 
  • taking advantage of our free green waste collection service in October and April.

Annual Fire Prevention Program

Each year the Country Fire Authority (CFA) declares a Fire Danger Period over the summer months to help minimise the risk of fire starting on residents’ properties and spreading to neighbouring properties. 

During this time we conduct an annual Fire Prevention Program by identifying and inspecting vacant land to make sure they do not pose a fire risk and that they continue to meet the requirements of the Amenity Local Law.

If properties are well maintained and cleared of hazardous materials, there is no need for property owners to take further action other than continuing with regular maintenance.

However, in cases where we find properties have not been maintained or cleared of fire hazards, the owner will be issued with a ‘Notice To Comply’. 

Continued non-compliance may result with the property owner being issued an infringement and the fire hazard removed at the owner’s expense.

Report a fire hazard

We investigate reports of possible fire hazards throughout the year.

If you see a fire, please call the Fire Brigade immediately on 000.

If you see a potential fire hazard, you can:

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