Being fire ready is a shared responsibility between government, emergency services and the community.

You can reduce the risk of fires starting and prevent fires spreading to neighbouring properties by clearing anything that could fuel a fire, including:

  • long, dry or dead grass
  • piles of firewood, tree branch cuttings, compost/mulch, newspapers and rubbish
  • flammable material not stored safely.

Tips and hints for fire prevention

  • Mow the lawns regularly to keep grass height at no more than 150mm.
  • Store building materials and firewood neatly and away from your home and fence line.
  • Remove all dead foliage and undergrowth from outdoor areas.
  • Take advantage of Council’s free green waste collection service in October and April.
  • Owners should ensure their properties are maintained in accordance with Council’s Amenity Local Law, specifically Dangerous and Unsightly Land and Nuisance provisions.

Property inspections

Council investigates reports of possible fire hazards and conducts an annual inspection of undeveloped land and properties that are considered a fire hazard.

Where remedial works are required, a formal notice will be issued. Non-compliance may result in infringements and the fire hazard removed at the owner’s expense.

Report a fire hazard

If you see a fire, please call the Fire Brigade immediately on 000.

If you see a potential fire hazard, please report it via our online form, by email or call us on 9278 4444.

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