You may need a Planning Permit, a Building Permit or both to replace or build a side or rear fence.

Depending on your circumstances, you may also need a:

  • Tree Works Permit
  • Road or Footpath Occupancy Permit
  • Vehicular Crossing Permit
  • Asset Protection Permit

How to use this guide

To help you work out which permits you need, begin at Step 1 and answer the questions one at a time. You may be asked to look at zoning information, and to assess the height, materials and purpose of the fence.

If you are building a new front fence, see Replace or build a new front fence.

Before you begin

If you are replacing a fence you may need a Planning or Building Permit for the demolition of the existing fence. To determine which permits you need for demolition, see Demolish all or part of a building.

Check for easements on your property. When an easement is obstructed, it can prevent important maintenance work and block the flow of stormwater. If your plans impact an easement, either modify the plans or enquire whether your proposed development qualifies for approval.

Consent from both owners is required to replace a common boundary fence. For information about resolving boundary fencing disputes between neighbours, see Disputes over Side Fences.

If you need help with a Planning Permit, contact our Statutory Planning team on 9278 4888 or email Statutory Planning.   If you need help with a Building Permit, contact our Building Services team on 9278 4999 or email Building Services.

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