Trees are a major part of the Boroondara landscape and offer us many benefits. 

Our trees:

  • help to cool air temperatures in hot weather
  • increase property values
  • provide privacy
  • contribute to biodiversity.

There are trees that are protected under our local laws. They are:

  • significant trees
  • canopy trees.

To check if you need a permit to remove, prune or do works near a protected tree, visit our Tree works permits page.

Significant trees

Significant trees are protected under our Tree Protection Local Law and are listed in our significant tree register. 

They are outstanding trees that we have identified as 'significant' because of their impressive size, age, rarity, ecological value, or cultural and historical significance. They can be on private property or public land.

A significant tree can be a single tree, an avenue of trees or a hedge. 

Find a significant tree

To find out if a tree on or near your property is significant, use the map below.

  1. Type in an address or suburb to find significant trees nearby.
  2. Click on a tree icon in the map for more details about the tree, such as its height, age and why it's significant. 

The dotted green line around the trees shows the Tree Protection Zone (TPZ). The TPZ is an area around the tree that needs to be protected to make sure the tree remains healthy.

Significant tree study

Our significant tree study has more details and photos of each tree in the register. For a copy of the report, please email [email protected]

Canopy trees

Canopy trees are on private land and contribute to Boroondara's biodiversity, shade and privacy. These trees are protected by our Tree Protection Local Law.

Canopy trees have a trunk circumference of either:

  • 110 cm or more, measured at 1.4 m above ground level
  • 150 cm or more at ground level.

If the tree has multiple stems, the circumference is the total of the stems measured at 1.4 m above ground level.

To find out if a tree on your property is a canopy tree, you can measure it using a tape measure or hire an arborist (tree specialist).

If you have a canopy tree on your property you need to:

  • maintain the tree's health by hiring a qualified arborist to regularly inspect and prune your trees
  • check if you need a permit to remove a tree.
  • check if you need a permit to work near a tree.

You must get a permit to remove canopy trees even when they are dead or are recognised weed species. 

Find out about tree works permits.

Nominate a tree for protection

If a tree is not on our significant tree register, you can nominate it to be protected and added to the register. The tree can be on public land or private property.

Check the criteria

When you nominate a tree we assess it based on the following criteria:

  • age and aesthetics
  • height, trunk circumference and canopy spread
  • associations with historic events, public figures and ethnic groups
  • unique location or context
  • how rare the tree is or if it has genetic significance
  • unusual growth or physical feature, such as branches fused together
  • religious, symbolic or spiritual associations.
If you're nominating a tree on someone else's private property, let the property owner know first. You need to include their name and contact information in the nomination form.

Nominate a significant tree online

Tree assessment and decision

An arborist (tree specialist) will contact you or the property owner to arrange a time to assess the tree. 

We use the arborist's assessment to help us decide if the tree should be added to the register. 

After the tree assessment we'll let you know if your nomination was accepted or rejected.

We then make a formal decision when we update the significant tree register, which is every 2 to 3 years. Councillors need to approve any new trees added to the register.

More information

For help with using the map or information about trees on private property, call Statutory Planning on (03) 9278 4888.

For information about Council trees, for example a tree on a nature strip or in a park, call Environmental Sustainability and Environment on (03) 9278 4444.

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