You may need a Planning Permit, a Building Permit or both to replace or build a front fence.

Depending on your circumstances, you may also need a:

  • Tree Works Permit
  • Road or Footpath Occupancy Permit
  • Vehicular Crossing Permit
  • Asset Protection Permit
  • Memorandum of Authorisation (VicRoads)

How to use this guide

To help you work out which permits you need, begin at Step 1 and answer the questions one at a time . You may be asked to look at your zone, the number of dwellings on the property and the fence's height and materials.

If you are building a side or rear fence, see Replace or build a side or rear fence.

Before you begin

Before finalising your design:

If you are replacing a fence you may need a Planning or Building Permit for the demolition of the existing fence. To determine which permits you need for demolition, see Demolish all or part of a building.

More information

Contact Statutory Planning or Building Services for general enquiries, or if you need help with either a Planning or Building Permit. 

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