Check the structure height and distance from boundaries

Refer to your site plan and see whether your structure is located within 1m of a property boundary. Then measure the height of the structure (the distance from the top of the structure to the natural ground level). 

Use the following table to see whether you need a Building Permit:

Distance from property boundary

Height of structure

Do I need a Building Permit?

1m or less

2.4m or less


More than 2.4m


More than 1m

3m or less


More than 3m


Does my structure meet the requirements for distance from boundaries and height?

  • If yes, you do not need to apply for a Building Permit. As long as there are no planning restrictions, you can proceed to build the gazebo, shed, garage or carport. You may now exit the Guide.
  • If noapply for a Building Permit.