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Prepare your budget for SmartyGrants

Applications for the 2018-19 Annual Community Strengthening Grants have closed.

Your application has a number of budgetary requirements. Before you start your online application in SmartyGrants, please ensure you've prepared your budget.

Make sure:

  • all budget costs are realistic and are justified for your project’s proposal
  • formal quotes for all services and products over $1,000 are obtained. Quotes must include the suppliers ABN and the GST amount
  • professional fees and administration costs only represent 50 per cent of the total amount requested
  • how a salary component is arrived at is shown (if applicable). Salaries and wages do not require a quote; however, a working out is required i.e.  x hrs a week @ $x per hr over x weeks
  • auspice fees are not included in the budget
  • all items listed in the budget include a description of the item and the dollar amount
  • the total income and total expenditure is equal and GST exclusive.

Have you prepared your budget?

Would you like any help with your application? We have information sessions, one-on-one grant writing help and assistance with applying online. See our website for more information.