Like most organisations, we have a set of values that both reflect what's important to us and what behaviours we hold ourselves accountable to.

We know that companies with a strong culture and shared purpose perform better in the long run, and our purpose of 'working together to deliver community priorities and placing our customers at the centre of everything we do' is one of the top reasons people choose to work here.

To deliver on our clear and ambitious strategy for the community, which includes our ten-year community plan and customer experience strategy, we defined how we work and how we lead so we can individually and collectively deliver for our customers.

These values represent what our people told us about why they are proud to work for Boroondara.

How we work

Think customer experience

Always working with our customers' experience in mind and taking pride in supporting our community.

Treat people with respect

Valuing each person for who they are by listening, understanding and showing that we care.

Act with integrity

Doing the right thing, speaking up when it’s important and striving to live our values every day.

Explore better ways

Challenging the status quo to improve things through curiosity, courage and learning.

Work together as one

Working together constructively to break down silos, putting our shared needs first and moving forward in a unified way.

Own it, follow through

Taking responsibility for what is ours and following through to ensure great results.

How we lead

Create shared direction

Developing a collective vision of the way forward, doing the thinking upfront and focusing on what’s important to ensure we stay on track for delivery.

Inspire possibility

Unlocking the potential of our people to challenge the status quo, enabling us to learn, adapt and evolve for the better.

Lead by personal example

The foundation of great leadership. Committing to personal growth and holding myself accountable to being the best leader I can be.

Empower others

Enabling others’ success by setting them up well, providing feedback, support and coaching, and holding them accountable for outcomes.

Build trust

Fostering a safe and healthy culture where authentic and courageous conversations create robust relationships, enabling collaboration to flourish.

Delivering what's important to our community logo

How we'll continue to innovate

We have room to improve, and that’s where you come in!

We are regularly presented with new challenges – from our customers, from our stakeholders, from each other – and we need to continue to grow and evolve in order to meet them.

We're looking for people who are willing to jump on board this journey with us; to contribute to and enrich our culture and to tackle the disruption created by digital technology - all while continuing to deliver outstanding services for our community.

If our values speak to you, then we invite you to dive in.

Careers at Boroondara

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